7 Real Estate Management is a Full Service Real Estate Company.

OUR PRIMARY FOCUS is the Property Management of Executive Level residential properties with values generally ranging from $200,000 to $1 million dollars.

Our Property Management Clients:

1) Individual Property Owners who are wanting / needing to hold on to a property by choice or because the property value in the current market is not at a level that permits an acceptable sale price.

2) Higher End Residential Investors looking for quality properties, executive level tenants, and higher, more diverse return on investments.

3) Private Commercial Investors looking to purchase smaller, privately owned commercial space.


Our General Real Estate Clients:

1) Individuals looking to List / Sell their property and understand the financial value of hiring a professional Realtor with many years of experience and expertise.

2) Buyers who are searching for a Realtor that understands what questions to ask, listens to the goals of the client, and understands how to negotiate a financially sound purchase with the appropriate terms and conditions.

OUR GOAL is to provide Services, Expertise, and Options to our Clients in our quest to add value to the Real Estate asset, greater profit to clients Real Estate investments, and the reduction of the stress points that come with investment properties and/or home ownership.

Please let us know how we may be of service to you.  Call any time.  404-558-9854


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